April 6, 2023 -

BOEING 727, one of the best-selling aircraft in history.

At the end of 1960, Boeing announced the start of construction of its new model that would perform short and medium-range flights with the ability to land on short runways. Its predecessor, the 707, set the tone for the production of the 727 since the operators required smaller aircraft, which covered the shortest routes and faced the airport infrastructure with deficiencies of the time. In those years, Boeing had to show the world its level of competence against new machines such as Lockheed, Convair and Douglas. Some Boeing engineers described the new design proposal as “risky” and did not see the number of engines viable. What those critics of the project never imagined is that this new tri-engine would be the first aircraft in the manufacturer’s history to break the 1,000 sales mark. By 1960, the first 40 orders were already in place, the initial applicants were United Airlines, Trans World Airlines, and what would become the launch customer, Eastern Airlines. The Boeing 727-100 was innovative for its sophisticated flight controls, and this subjected it to multiple tests. Already on November 27, 1962 at the Renton Municipal Airport, Washington, the first Boeing 727 was presented for the first time -rollout- before hundreds of spectators, which three months later began its first flight, thus taking this photograph. After his world tour, and his subsequent FAA certification, he continued to grow in popularity, thus reaching the best sales of the 727-200. The most renowned airlines flew with these aircraft, even Donald Trump and the Mexican presidency had such aircraft in their services. These aircraft can still be viewed, and we are honored to have them in our fleet. Without a doubt, one of the most admired by fans of Boeing aircraft.

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