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The Boeing 727-200F is an impressive craft that can take on bigger planes. It’s powered by three turbofan engines, giving it more power to go where others can’t.

The ample space inside this plane makes all your wishes come true, whether you are looking for cargo capacity or weight; there will be no limit to what we carry inside our planes thanks, in part, to how big they are.

The Boeing 727-200F engines are located one on each side of the fuselage and one on top of the fuselage, below the tail. Having three engines makes it a very powerful aircraft in relation to its weight.

At UniWorld Air Cargo we have the best transportation to send your cargo quickly and efficiently.

Si de itinerarios se trata, llevamos su carga a dónde la necesite en el tiempo en el que la necesita. Hay materiales que no pueden ser transportados en vuelos regulares por lo que nos comprometemos con la seguridad de las mismas en vuelos de carga completos.

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Boeing 727 - 200f

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Long: 153 ft 2 in (47.0m)
12 Containers: 88x125 in (2.2 x 3.2m)
Volume: 5,200 ft. (149.5m)
Apparent volume: 1,525 ft. (43.2m)

About our loads


We are not a courier service or customs brokers, we are the airline of these companies for the transport of their cargo.


We take care of the loads like ours, because our commitment is great with those who entrusted us with their air transfers.


We do an impeccable job with our flight itineraries so that your loads always arrive on time.

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We are a certified Airline based on the regulations of the Aeronautical Authority Panamanian, we provide International Cargo air service, the service we offer complies with high safety and quality standards, for this we have a staff highly qualified and experienced in each of the different departments that make up our organization.

* Mission:
Provide our clients with the best International Cargo air transport service and
work every day to maintain a reliable network.

* Vision:
Position ourselves at a competitive level within the Air Transport market
international cargo and thus contribute to the development of Panama, representing the country
in a positive way.


Ideal to reduce transit times to the final destination. We transport with all the provisions that your merchandise requires.


In the hydrocarbons area, safety and efficiency play an important role. We have fully qualified personnel to transport it.


Depending on the dimensions and characteristics of the loads, we can transport up to a maximum of 24,000 kg and up to 194 cubic meters per flight.


According to their dimensions and weight, we transport all types of dry and conventional cargo to various destinations in a timely manner with frequent flights.


Those objects that require security and confidentiality are transported protected and with the utmost care that they require for your peace of mind.

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