Uniworld Air Cargo is an international Cargo Airlines company offering services in the fields of Airlines Cargo industry. We are seeking to be airlines of change for our customers. Using experience and expertise, capitalized over several years, we partner with our clients to provide, with professionalism and rigor, customized services and solutions that best meet their expectations.
Our services cover a variety of areas of the airlines cargo activities, such as:

  • Acquisition or Lease of Aircraft / Engine
  • Dry-Wet ACMI Leases
  • Aircraft Inspection
  • Audit
  • IT Systems for Airlines.

To ensure the wide range of our services with professionalism and the highest standard, we have established partnerships and alliances with companies with strong expertise, each in its specific field. We do not just deliver good work, but always seek to identify our customers' real needs, measuring our success by our customers' satisfaction.